Sunday, 13 February 2011

Swans 2011, part 2

Yesterday we meet with Peter Szinai and András Kóta in Varazdin and the  plan was to search for ringed swans and gulls around Drava river. We also planned to ring swans.
We meat at Varazdin bridge at 8:20 and in two hours manage to caught 16 Mute Swans and read more than 20 rings ( mostly neck collars).

Next stop Donja Dubrava. We caught 3 Swans and Peter caught 3 more with loop :).

Next stop Šoderica. At first it seemed bad because on first "beach" we only managed to catch 3 swans, but on the other beach we reached number of 11 Swans processed :) including 2 Slovakian birds.

All in all nice day with lots of rings read. After Šoderica we all got some pizza and after that Andras and Peter went looking for more BHGs and Swans with rings.

Holding an old friend before taking blood samples

All photos taken by Vedran.. Thanx!

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