Wednesday 18 December 2013

Mixed Sunday

This was one of strangest days on Jakuševec.

It was one of the worst day ever because of an IDIOT who drove truck over the catching area in front of loaded canons and ran over Mladen's 3 day old GOPRO!! O what an IDIOT! I really don't know what he was thinking!! He drove so fast that we didn't manage to react at all..

On the other hand 2 catches yielded around 130 birds inlcuding 35 big ones :)

Final numbers
95 BHG
2 Common gulls(finally:)
1 HG
2 Caspian
30 YLG

Here are those interesting guys:)

S16K 4w mich ringed as chick in 2010 on Veli Brijun colony

741H 3w mich

742H 1w cach

12EH 1w HG

16EH 3w cach with lots of streaking on head

Very nice number of nice birds:)

Next trip we plan for 29.12.  Hope the weather will be nice:)

Tuesday 10 December 2013

GOPRO Jakuševec

Finally I got it :)

(Thanx to Maja and Matija) Last Sunday we were filming cannon netting with GOPRO.
One of the catches was filmed from the catching area.. and it looks like this:

Hope we'll get more better movies next weekend:)

Monday 9 December 2013


and it went on pretty good....

We meet at 8 in front of Jakuševec. The tip was already  clean and we just have to put the net :)
At 9 we were ready to take first catch.We didn't wait too long as I wanted to have quick first catch.It was around 50 birds. second was around 11, some 90 and last one around noon some 40 birds..

All together 181 birds; 178 bhg and 3 ylg.
Very good! This way we'll reach 1000 birds in Janury:)
I must say that the team is better and better, altough lots of people give up  in last few days. Logistic around reseting the net is great and new ringers are getting faster.
There were no interesting ID gulls, only this advanced 1w bhg

left bird is in normal stage of moult and right is advanced one
Thanx Mladen for photos!

Hope we'll continue this way..

Tuesday 3 December 2013

start of the season

I will call this Sunday a start of the season, because we finally caught some gulls:)

After weekends of rain, finally came one without.

We meet at 8 and as we came to the tip realized that there are truck and bulldozers working on the tip and it looked as it wasn't gonna be a good day all tough lots of gulls were present.

After half an hour we agreed with workers the place where we'll put the net.
It wasn't the very best place , but only place where we wouldn't disturb each others..

The net was set at half past 9 and then we waited:) it was funny because we didn't wait in the car, but on a hill, fully exposed..

 Gulls started landing in couple of minutes but not many were in the catching area. In my head it was something like"just fire, catch something , we don't want to go without firing home again!" Then all of the sudden subad LBBG walked in the catching area. As soon as Zec said "safe" I firred! And we had it under the net :) In the end we had around 70 birds under net:) not bad at all.

I have LBBG in my hands:)

We immediately started ringing and Zec an Toni reset the net.

 After ringing some 50 birds gulls started comming back to catching area so I decided to go to the hill and wait for the catch. It didn't took long and we had enough birds and fired. You can see second catch on Maciej's video here

In the end this was one of the best catch we ever had:) around 120 gulls:)

After this the wind was getting stronger so we decided to finish what we had and go home..

Here are few interesting birds:

722H LBBG 3w
726H 1w cach

and one BHG for the end:
All together 1 LBGG, 1 cachinnans, 10 YLG and 174 BHG:)
Looking forward to next Sunday:)
I would like to thank Maciej and Mladen for photos and videos!