Friday, 20 March 2015

March 8th 2015

It was a promising day with lots of gulls feeding on the tip. Our biggest problem was relatively small team of only 6 of us..

We had first catch very fast after setting. There were around 100 BHGs and 1 adult MedGull :)

As there were only six of us, we were not sure about second catch but after big gulls started landing in the catching area we decided to reset. I took second catch some 10 minutes after reset and it was great! I was waiting for LBBG to enter the catching area, but I wasn't aware of other interesting birds there:)
Here are some of them:

9L5B Adult omisus from Lithuania, ringed as a chick in 2009. When I saw the ring I was tought of yellow legged argentatus, but wing tip was really cachoid..

86EH 1w cach

98EH 1w mich

956H ad cach

952H LBBG ..

..which we then released ...

...and was found by Pavel Stepanek on March 14th (six days later :) ) in Czech Republic on Žabčice rubbish dump :)
 Really great day!! I must say that this small crew did fantastic job and I want to thank Pavel for this recovery!
YLG      25
MedGull  1
LBBG     1
HG          1
BHG    168
Caspian   2

total       198

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Sunday March 1st 2015

I'm a bit late with this blog due to my personal reasons :)
It was very nice day with 2 catches and all together 195 gulls caught: 194 BHGs and 1YLG.
The great thing  is that between those there were 9 allready ringed gulls. All BHGs.
5 were our birds, 3 Hungarian, 1 Holland and one from Poland that we found dead..
Here are some photos from Maciej, great as allways:)