Wednesday, 2 February 2011

2010 Totals

Finally get the time to do the complete 2010 ringing report.
Most of this birds (1080) have either color ring or neck collar so they should produce lots of recoveries :)

Act hyp 13
Cal alp 7
Cal fer 2
Cal min 4
Cha ale 2
Co mon 1
Cyg ol 85
Fa tin 4
La arg 1
La cach 1
La can 13
La mel 1
La mich 233
La rid 730
Pha ari des 22
Puf yel 5
Tr neb 2
Tr tot 3
Grand Total 1129


  1. Hello Luka!
    Thank you and your team for the fantastic job!
    I hope we can find and read many of your ringed birds in the future.

    Bye, Jani

  2. Thanx Jani!!

    I'm glad you like what we do.

    Hope you find lots of these birds :)

    all the best