Sunday, 6 February 2011

Cannon netting part 9 or maybe Jinx is gone

It started as a cold day without cloud.. At 700 when we were coming to Jakusevec gulls were allready circuling.
The net was set at 7 56.

First catch was around 9 15 and it was 20 BHGs and 1 YLG. We got 1st BHG with brown head .

Second catch, aroud 1200 had only 3 BHGs( plus one that Alex released :) ) and 11 big gulls. Most of them were YLGs, one Caspian and 2 1st winter that I'm not sure of the species.. It was cool that we caught all ages of YLGs(1st, 2nd,3rd winter and adult ).

Caspian Gull

1st winter without species No 1
( It was huge and remindes me of that 1st winter argentatus from February 2010 )

1st winter without species No 2

I would appreciate all comment concerning the determination of these 2 1st winter gulls.
one photo for the end of this post

Maybe it's to warm to have bigger catches.. When we were leaving it was more than 10C...
They said that the winter will return after Wednesday.. Can't wait:)

Tomorrow Vedran and I are going to Mljet to see if there are any Shags good for ringing :)

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  1. Hi Luka,
    040H has replaced many of the inner wing-coverts, which decreases the option merely to LBBG, YLG or CG. Streaked head and breast and dark chocolate greater coverts would rule out Caspian, and the 2nd gen coverts are already much worn and older, which is okay for YLG and not very good for LBBG. Broad but simple proximal band on inner rectrices is okay for YLG, mote fine spotting would be expected in LBBG. Unfortunately no open tail, but I expect pretty clean bases of the outer rectrices, and as a rule, in YLG only one single sub-terminal band reaches to the outer edge of R6.
    039H is a fine bulky male cachinnans I expect.