Sunday, 20 February 2011

Cannon netting part 10

Sven, Zec, Vedran and I meet at around 6:20 and went to Jakuševec. It didn't look like it's going to be very successful day because the temperature was above 0C. We found great place behind the garbage hills. We set the net around 7:30.

 After checking the circuit we went to car to have coffe while waiting.

We didn't manage to finish it when first gulls arrived.  First catch was few minutes later. some 40 BHGs.. not bad .. more than last few times :) We took the birds from the net to tents and set the net for the second shoot. At that  moment I was aware that it was bad idea to take black powder for only two shoots :(

After we set the net, Sven and I went to ring birds and Vedran and Zec were waiting in the car for the nex catch. We manage to ring 10 gulls when Vedran called me and told me that they have safety issue because as the net was close to the garbage hill gulls were walking on net and very close to the cannons.. After some time they manage to have safe catch of 16 BHGs and 4 YLGs. It was ok day with 60 new birds ringed.

Last few times we don't use sawdust to cover the floor of the tent and boxes for gulls.

If you look better it looks like this:

It's destroyed  withdrown money:)

I'd like to thank Zec for photos and you can see more of them on his flickr.

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  1. Hello Luka nice results.
    With my colleagues we tryied to catch of gulls in Ostrava town (CZ). We tryied large woosh net, but without success. The gulls were always flying and prefered "fresh rubbish". I think the cannon netting can be solving our problem. I am watching your start and todays mastery. It is great and very suggestive. Is it possible to get more information about your cannon system, please? My personal e-mail is
    Many thanks
    Zdeněk Moudrý
    Czech Republic