Sunday, 13 February 2011

Shags on Mljet

Vedran and I went to Mljet on Monday to check Shag colonies. Last year we found more than 20 Shag nests empty in the middle of March so we wanted to check if this colony is that earlier from others in the area.. At that colony we found only one active nest with eggs and freaking mongooses. And that's the solution of our problem.. It really is problem not only rats, but mongooses at these small island :(. -After finishing the main thing we wanted we checked some other places and found 3 more places where Shags breed in the National Park and at least 6 new active nests :)

Vedran in action

This was at the end of the tunnel
 Some of the places where Shags breed

And one bird we're always happy to see :) 
Next time we'll go on Mljet in March. Hope there'll be many shag chick for ringing..

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