Monday, 3 September 2012

Cool recoveries

It's been logn time since I put some recoveries on my blog ...
Just checked this morning in last 6  years I colourringed 55 common gulls and they produced 26 recoveries, while with BHGs the situation is even better ; 2397 birds produced 1501 recovery:)

So here are the interisting recoveries I decided to put on my blog :)

First ever Croatian CR Common Tern recovery!

This year we started this project and first one is found in Marcali (víztározó), Somogy, Hungary by Szász Előd :)
Thanx for the photo!

First ever BHG ringed in Croatia foun in th UK!

Yesterday I got an email from Carl Baggott who found one of our BHGs. It was ringed on Jakuševec on December 19th 2010. It has no other sightings.


There are few things I didn't put on my blog as I was in a hurry with a summer coming and first holidays with my son and...

Let's first end the tern season..

After Poljana, we went to Donji Miholjac fishonds. We managed to ring 55 pulli of Whiskerd tern :). All ringed by Sanja. It was one of the most difficult colonies as the water was higher than1,5 m at some points:
Few more Sanja's photos:

After that Kruno and I went to Crna mlaka for second attempt of Tern ringing. It was fantastic ! 120 new chicks ringed plus some 20 controls of birds ringed 2 weeks before.

Here are some of Kruno's photos:

Very good Whiskered Tern season! Some 400 pulli ringed :)

Hope to get some recoveries :)