Wednesday, 19 February 2014


I was really thinking weather to go or not and in the end we did go. It was +17C so I wasn't really optimistic. Gulls first landed around 9 and I couldn't get a clear window and they flew away 20 minutes later.. I thought it was over! And then around 11 30 they landed again and after dozen of landing and flying in the air I finally made a catch.

Caspian from GoPro screenshot..

It wasn't so bad.. around 60 birds and more than half big ones:) It started to be more exciting when I discovered adult argentatus between them:) and it had Finnish ring:) Fuck yeah! 

And here are few interesting birds:)

60CH 1w mich

58CH 1w arg

62CH 1w cach - we had lots of talk about this bird and in the end it could only be cach... I don't know if you can see but it is HUGEEE.

61CH 3w mich 

64CH at first it recalled cach but our conclusion is female 1w mich..

YLG, HG and CG adults:)

67CH 4w mich.. funny to have full ad wing with that head and especially bill.. 

66CH 1w mich.. first I saw pale window and that whitish eye I thoght of arg , but I think it is mich.. Tail and bill and facial mask go more in mich variation.. 

70CH 2w mich

72CH 2w mich with some features recalling cach

80CH 2w mich.. this bird was strange. it has secondaries growing at 2/3 of final lenght(not as in seems in photo, it is a bit twisted in photo)

82ch 1w mich (or maybe cach)

and in the end 2 youtube clips done by Mladen. Hi finally did it!!
You should watch it in HD 1080.