Friday, 25 March 2011

Catching gulls with North Thames Gull Group and update on recoveries

Last weekend I went to London to join Paul and guys from North Thames Gull Group. I arrived to London on Friday evening and first catch was on Saturday morning. I won't write much about the catch itself, I'll let photos talk for me. Details about catch can be found on NTGG site. It was the first tima I ringed LBBG and HG(beside that atipical one I cought last winter).

Compactor attracting gulls
Catch of 366 gulls :)
Gulls are packed in hessian sacks
Me ringing my very first fuscus ever :)
Me and my first adult Herring Gull
Team on last day in Rainham

Me with fuscus (not first one but much better photo)

It was really a great weekend for me! Thanx Paul for everything!!

In the meantime I got the very first recovery of one of our BHGs in Romania:) white S044 was ringed on Jakusevec in December 2009. and found on March 18th 2011. in Sanpaul, Romania.

There was one more first one.. First canus found in Hungary :) white S126 was ringed on Jakusevec in December 2009. and was found in Debrecen, Hungary on March 19th 2011. Before that S126 was in winter  2010 three times seen in Isola della Cona,Staranzano,Gorizia, Italy.

Most of BHGs are gone from Zagreb.. only big gulls are here..

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

BHGs are leaving Zagreb ..Update on recoveries

With end of ringing season BHGs are leaving Zagreb.

Krešo, Sven and I were on Jakusevec on Saturday in search or ringed gulls. It was very windy and we had problem keeping tripods still. We managed to read 7 BHG ring and 7 YLG rings.. All ringed in Croatia ..

These last 10 days since we closed ringing season were very good with recoveries. I got 49 recoveries in March :)

There is a growth of group of people in Novi Sad  who are reading color rings on gulls. With every new recovery I get few new names :) 15 recoveries in March.

photo Katarina Paunović

Austrian guys are active also. I think they'll have more recoveries in days to come.. 10 recoveries in March.

photo: Wolfgang Schweighofer

In March I got 2 recoveries from Poland.

photo: Piotr Kendzierski

photo: Bartosz Janiszewski

7 recoveries from Hungary in March.

photo Lengyel Attila

photo Lengyel Attila
photo Peter Szinai
In March I processed 9 recoveries from Croatia.

photo Davor Krnjeta

photo Davor Krnjeta

White S165 is in Malmo, Sweden from November and was (untill now) seen two times in March; on March 12th by Kjeld Tommy Pedersen and Jesper Brinkmann and on March 15th by Eddie Fritze.

photo K.T. Pedersen

Few days ago I got e-mail from Marco Basso that he got photo of one of my gulls in Switzerland. It's only the second recovery of Croatian BHG in Switzerland ever. There's a photo of it on Marco's web here .

That's it for now..

Monday, 7 March 2011

Cannon netting part 12 or closing of gull rubbish winter season

I knew this weekend will come from the first cannon netting session in December! :(

Ok, enough for pathetic beginning..

Yesterday Vedran, Sven, Lejla and I went to Jakuševec to catch some gulls. Expectations were not high because of last few sessions.. We set the net at 7:46 and waited for first gulls to come to the catching area for more than one hour.

First catch was 13 BHGs. After we ringed them, we went to wait for second catch. It was some 20 minutes later and it was bigger, 25 BHGs..
BHGs in hessian sack

After that one more catch. this one we didn't wait long and we fired because one of YLGs had metal ring. We manage to catch it :) It was Italian:) we added orange ring to it.

It was more gulls than I expected :) And ok closing of winter gull seasson.

I'd like to thank Lejla for photos.

I'll give totals for the winter in next few days..

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Closing of Swan season

Yesterday Vedran, Zec, Ivana and I went to catch some swans in Zagreb area. As usual we went to two bigest lakes in Zagreb ; Bundek and Jarun.

On Bundek there were some 30 swans but they didn't seem very hungry.. We managed to catch 7 of them. Not bad for this time of year.

Old friend that we ringed on Bundek in February 2007.

At that time we tought that it will be better at Jarun. But..

On JArun, statistically, we manage to catch 60% of all Swans present :) We cought 3 out of 5 :)

Among the swans caught there was one from Poland
plus one with Hungarian neck band and Croatian leg ring.

In the meantime Marko is still active in _Novi Sad.. 7 new BHG rings.. 4 of them Croatian :)

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Many many recoveries

Yesterday I was offline all day, so it was great opportunity for all observers to fill my inbox with recoveries :)

It was one of the best days for recoveries.

I got 2 BHGs from Hungary ( one new and one old) and  4 from Austria ( one new and three old)
SB45 March 1st 2011, Wien

 On Monday Marko Šćiban sent me an e-mail that he saw  BHG with white ring and one with red ring but he was unable to read them with binoculars or from photos.

BHG with white ring February 28th 2011 , Novi Sad

So he decided to visit the place with scope and results are 6 of our BHGs white ring read  :) plus 3 Hungarian red rings. Great job!
Funny thing is that the one mentioned few lines before as new for Hungary (S408 ringed January 14 2007 on Jakuševec, seen on February 17 2011 in Mohács, Hungary) was one of the BHGs Marko seen.

And the star of the day is adult cachinnans ringed on Jakuševec on December 19th 2010

seen by Adriano Talamelli on January 10th 2011 on Dump of Tavullia,Pesaro, Italy.

and was seen by Damian Wiehle on February 28th 2011 in Krakow, Vistula river, Poland.