Saturday 19 February 2011

CR reading on Jakuševec

After long long time some cr reading. Today Sven and I meet around 10 and went to Jakusevec to look for some rings:)

First we stopped at the parking just in front of rubbish tip because there were more than 700 big gulls and few BHGs..  After some time we manage to read 12 Croatian YLG and 1 green Polish ring on YLG. We also saw 1 Italian but didn't manage to read it whole.. We finally found The Big Black one :) GBBG are still rare species for  Croatia.

After the parking we went to The rubbish to read some more gull rings. We managed to read 9 Croatian BHG rings, 1 Polish BHG and 5 more Croatian YLGs.

Very nice Saturday morning :) Tomorrow cannons again :)

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