Saturday, 26 February 2011

Cannon netting part 11

This day should have changed the history of ringing gulls at Jakuševec. The weather was fine, few degrees below zero.. It was the first time that we try to ring on Saturday. Usually we catch on Sunday because there are no trucks or people.. This time we were helped by compactor driver who was putting fresh garbage in front of the net. Driver was ok but we just couldn't agree on all things. Maybe we should try it one more time.

Position of the net( trough car window)

But this day was everything but good.. We had 4 catches, all BHGs, 2,4,13 and 5 birds respectively :( All together 24 gulls. Only good thing was one BHG with Gdansk Ring. We added white SB11 ring.


I think we'll go back to ringing on Sundays.. It looked like we get higher concentrations on bread and sausages.. Also it's worth mentioning that the net was not spreading the way it should so we got much smaller catching area..

Our help :)

This is what we didn't catch :(

First Baltic look like Gulls are here :) Forgot to mention it last week.

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