Friday, 25 March 2011

Catching gulls with North Thames Gull Group and update on recoveries

Last weekend I went to London to join Paul and guys from North Thames Gull Group. I arrived to London on Friday evening and first catch was on Saturday morning. I won't write much about the catch itself, I'll let photos talk for me. Details about catch can be found on NTGG site. It was the first tima I ringed LBBG and HG(beside that atipical one I cought last winter).

Compactor attracting gulls
Catch of 366 gulls :)
Gulls are packed in hessian sacks
Me ringing my very first fuscus ever :)
Me and my first adult Herring Gull
Team on last day in Rainham

Me with fuscus (not first one but much better photo)

It was really a great weekend for me! Thanx Paul for everything!!

In the meantime I got the very first recovery of one of our BHGs in Romania:) white S044 was ringed on Jakusevec in December 2009. and found on March 18th 2011. in Sanpaul, Romania.

There was one more first one.. First canus found in Hungary :) white S126 was ringed on Jakusevec in December 2009. and was found in Debrecen, Hungary on March 19th 2011. Before that S126 was in winter  2010 three times seen in Isola della Cona,Staranzano,Gorizia, Italy.

Most of BHGs are gone from Zagreb.. only big gulls are here..

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