Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Many many recoveries

Yesterday I was offline all day, so it was great opportunity for all observers to fill my inbox with recoveries :)

It was one of the best days for recoveries.

I got 2 BHGs from Hungary ( one new and one old) and  4 from Austria ( one new and three old)
SB45 March 1st 2011, Wien

 On Monday Marko Šćiban sent me an e-mail that he saw  BHG with white ring and one with red ring but he was unable to read them with binoculars or from photos.

BHG with white ring February 28th 2011 , Novi Sad

So he decided to visit the place with scope and results are 6 of our BHGs white ring read  :) plus 3 Hungarian red rings. Great job!
Funny thing is that the one mentioned few lines before as new for Hungary (S408 ringed January 14 2007 on Jakuševec, seen on February 17 2011 in Mohács, Hungary) was one of the BHGs Marko seen.

And the star of the day is adult cachinnans ringed on Jakuševec on December 19th 2010

seen by Adriano Talamelli on January 10th 2011 on Dump of Tavullia,Pesaro, Italy.

and was seen by Damian Wiehle on February 28th 2011 in Krakow, Vistula river, Poland.

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