Wednesday, 16 March 2011

BHGs are leaving Zagreb ..Update on recoveries

With end of ringing season BHGs are leaving Zagreb.

Krešo, Sven and I were on Jakusevec on Saturday in search or ringed gulls. It was very windy and we had problem keeping tripods still. We managed to read 7 BHG ring and 7 YLG rings.. All ringed in Croatia ..

These last 10 days since we closed ringing season were very good with recoveries. I got 49 recoveries in March :)

There is a growth of group of people in Novi Sad  who are reading color rings on gulls. With every new recovery I get few new names :) 15 recoveries in March.

photo Katarina Paunović

Austrian guys are active also. I think they'll have more recoveries in days to come.. 10 recoveries in March.

photo: Wolfgang Schweighofer

In March I got 2 recoveries from Poland.

photo: Piotr Kendzierski

photo: Bartosz Janiszewski

7 recoveries from Hungary in March.

photo Lengyel Attila

photo Lengyel Attila
photo Peter Szinai
In March I processed 9 recoveries from Croatia.

photo Davor Krnjeta

photo Davor Krnjeta

White S165 is in Malmo, Sweden from November and was (untill now) seen two times in March; on March 12th by Kjeld Tommy Pedersen and Jesper Brinkmann and on March 15th by Eddie Fritze.

photo K.T. Pedersen

Few days ago I got e-mail from Marco Basso that he got photo of one of my gulls in Switzerland. It's only the second recovery of Croatian BHG in Switzerland ever. There's a photo of it on Marco's web here .

That's it for now..

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