Monday, 7 March 2011

Cannon netting part 12 or closing of gull rubbish winter season

I knew this weekend will come from the first cannon netting session in December! :(

Ok, enough for pathetic beginning..

Yesterday Vedran, Sven, Lejla and I went to JakuĊĦevec to catch some gulls. Expectations were not high because of last few sessions.. We set the net at 7:46 and waited for first gulls to come to the catching area for more than one hour.

First catch was 13 BHGs. After we ringed them, we went to wait for second catch. It was some 20 minutes later and it was bigger, 25 BHGs..
BHGs in hessian sack

After that one more catch. this one we didn't wait long and we fired because one of YLGs had metal ring. We manage to catch it :) It was Italian:) we added orange ring to it.

It was more gulls than I expected :) And ok closing of winter gull seasson.

I'd like to thank Lejla for photos.

I'll give totals for the winter in next few days..

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