Saturday, 5 March 2011

Closing of Swan season

Yesterday Vedran, Zec, Ivana and I went to catch some swans in Zagreb area. As usual we went to two bigest lakes in Zagreb ; Bundek and Jarun.

On Bundek there were some 30 swans but they didn't seem very hungry.. We managed to catch 7 of them. Not bad for this time of year.

Old friend that we ringed on Bundek in February 2007.

At that time we tought that it will be better at Jarun. But..

On JArun, statistically, we manage to catch 60% of all Swans present :) We cought 3 out of 5 :)

Among the swans caught there was one from Poland
plus one with Hungarian neck band and Croatian leg ring.

In the meantime Marko is still active in _Novi Sad.. 7 new BHG rings.. 4 of them Croatian :)

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