Sunday, 19 December 2010

Cannon netting part 3

Three Sundays in a row with great weather for catching gulls. After snow on Saturday, the temperature on Sunday morning was around -10. It was freezing!! We set up the net at 7:46 but first gulls landed around 10!! Again!! I don't know what's their problem. They came at 8 but it took them some two hours to land for the first time. In next half an hour we had two catches (40 + 80 gulls). Highlights of first catch was adult  cachinnans and first corvid ringed at Jakusevec, a Jackdaw.

This Sunday Ivan helped me with ringing.

When we were almost finished, Ivan wemt and fired one more time so the total cathc was:

La rid        161
La can          4
La mich        2
La cach        1
total          168(new record by one gull :) )

I've managed to take a photo of the first year cachinnans wearing yellow ring with black inscription 3L7E.. Is this from  Lithuania? Just saw on Marco's site that it is from Lithuania :) second one ever on Jakusevec!

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