Monday, 3 January 2011

Update on recoveries

First of all Merry Xmas and all the best in New Year!!

Yesterday I got e-mail from Ernst Weiss with my first recovery of BHG in Switzerland. It was white S296 which was ringed in January 2010 on Jakusevec and found yesterday in Zurich :)

In last 2 weeks I got some new recoveries from Austria:

S062 & S144 ringed in December 2009, S700 ringed in February 2007 and S510 ringed in January 2007 were seen around Wien. Observers : Günther Wöss, Harald Gross, Wolfgang Schweighofer, Christoph Roland and Matthias Schmidt.

S297 was seen at least 5 times in Groningen, The Netherlands during the December 2010. It was ringed in January 2010 on Jakusevec. Observers :

Henk van Huffelen, Klaas van Dijk, Rob Voesten and Jeroen Nagtegaal

S236 that was ringed in January 2010 on Jakusevec was seen twice During December in Frankfurt by Ingo Ingo Roesler.

 S234 that was ringed on the sam day as S236 was found in Hamburg on December 18th 2010 by Jens Hartmann.

Last 2 weekends we were not catching gulls on Jakusevec. 26th because of some missunderstanding with security on the entrence of the dump and last Sunday because of lack of people (Jelena and I were only ready to go).  

Now I'm going to ring swans around Drava river near Varazdin and Koprivnica and check Totovec rubbish tip to see if there are any gulls there.

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