Monday, 31 December 2012

Last cannon netting for 2012

On Friday I agreed with guys from the tip that we'll come at 8 to Jakuševec and that they'll see where to put us. It looked great with really big number of gulls and we had a big team coming so i rolled few more rings.. just in case:) I rolled 400 for BHG :) Maybe too much..

We came at 7:45 and there were no sign of workers coming . They came at 8:30 and slowly started removing rubbish from the tip. It was horribly SLOW!! After they moved me from the place I wanted to put net they found much better place for me..We just had to wait for half an hour so that they clean the place.. It turn out to be much more than that and after quick set, we started waiting for gulls at 11:30!!!

All in all it didn't get that bad. In two catches we ringed 124 BHGs, 8 YLGs and 3 Caspians.

Good thing is that we continued our series of 100+ birds ringed :) but i think it's time for (at least one) 300+ day:)

Here are Caspians:

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