Sunday, 25 November 2012

Start of new season

Finally the day has come! The start of new cannon netting season! After the rain last week we managed to go.

We arrived few minutes before 7 and went straight to put the net. After Zec and I decided where we'll put the net we heard the sound of some big machine. It was guys with compactor and bulldozers. I didn't know what to do. We use to go on Sunday because it was quiet and no one was working. Well, last few months they started to work on Sunday morning to remove the garbage that came on Saturday afternoon and night.
It sounded very promising, finally working with compactor on Jakuševec:)

It was very foggy so we didn't see the whole tip but agreed with compactor driver where to put the net and where they will put a waste for us.

After setting the net we waited for compactor to come.

First catch was at around 10 and was very quick after compactor left because I saw one 1st winter HG.

But of course it flew awayand we got some 20 YLGs and 1 BHG. While I was ringing with Lorena, Zec and rest of the crew reset the net.

 I wasn't finished with ringing yet and the net was reset and gulls started landing.. We had an adult LBBG at the end of catching area but of course it didn't came closer, it just disappeared .  Second catch was around 40 birds, still most big gulls.. We had one YLG that was ringed on Croatian caost as pullus(Ringed on May 31st 2007 as pullus near island of Krk))

 Again Zec and Toni did the quick reset and I again didn't finished all the ringing before birds started landing. Last catch was much better with big number of small gulls.

All in all 62 BHG and 60 big gulls, mostly YLGs, 1 Caspian and few I'm not sure of the species.

All together it is ok for opening.. Hope it will be better in future :)

Now few of those interesting ones.
656H- 1w strange mich

597H second winter mich

595H 3w mich

596H 1w mich

615H 1w mich

651H 2w cach

That's all for now:) Iwould like to thank Lejla for photos!

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  1. Hi Luka,
    Orange 595H has good papers to be cachinnans, especially the long white tongue on P10 (remember it is still immature, so in full adult plumage it will have less black and more white.