Wednesday 14 November 2012

Poreč cannon netting

Last week Lori, Boris,Basrek, Zec and i were in Poreč. We planed to cannon net gulls on Poreč landfill.
First day we put the net around 8 but were able to take a catch at 11. It looked really nice. It was by far shoot with biggest number of big gulls in it. It was around 80 YLGs but as there were only 5 of us some of it managed to escape so we end up with 64 YLGs ringed.

I was really excited about second day for two reasons. First one was finally meeting Marco Basso and second was that i touhgt we'll have two good catches and end up with maybe 200 more gulls ringed.
I did meet Marco but on the other hand gulls didn't landed at all on the tip untill 1305!!! I never saw anything like that!! Marco went home at 12:50!! Poor guy didn't even saw gulls onthe tip nor cannon net being fired!!
We tought of taking a cacth but then at 1320 all the gulls took off and didn't return!! Zero gulls ringed!!
Third day was our last chance to ring something. First gulls arrived on the tip at 1120 and we took a catch 3 minutes later:) I really didn't want to risk ringing zero again.It was a small catch of 26 YLGs.. After that we packed our stuff and went back to Zagreb.

Today i found out that we have a first recovery from this session. One YLG was found near Venice :)

This one was ringed as a chick in 2003 in colony few km fom the tip. We replaced aluminium ring with steel one and added colour ring.

Same bird as above 

This one had a bit pinkish legs and big white spot on P9 but I think it's ok for YLG..

Same bird as above

New ringer in our team. Basrek passed ringing exam few days ago..

placement of the net and the car from which we fire.

Basrek while not ringing :)

Nice photo

Not nice photo

I think the biggest problem was that there are no more tourists in Poreč and it was really less comunal waste comming.. I think We should go there in September next year when there are still tourists. I expected much more BHGs on the tip.. There were only maybe 20 of them..

Today I went to Jakusevec to see if there are enough gulls to start a season.. I think that the time has come! :) There are few thousand  gulls there:)

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