Monday, 11 December 2017

After long long time:)

Finally we started new season on Jakuševec!
It looked very promissing as the tip site was really small so I tought we'll concentrate all of them in catching area. Something simmilar happend, but as there was huge number of gulls present on small space , we couldn't get clear shoot for 3 hours! We were really freezed and pissed. But it was worth it:)
Nice clear shoot with 145 bgh, 1 common, 63 ylg and 5 caspians:)

some photos for comments:

59UH 2cy micha with white spot on right wing p10?

64UH 1w cach

80UH 1w cach

81UH 1cy cach

 09YH 1cy cach

11YH 1w cach

12YH 2cy mich

and in the end albino bhg:)

1 comment:

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