Wednesday 18 December 2013

Mixed Sunday

This was one of strangest days on Jakuševec.

It was one of the worst day ever because of an IDIOT who drove truck over the catching area in front of loaded canons and ran over Mladen's 3 day old GOPRO!! O what an IDIOT! I really don't know what he was thinking!! He drove so fast that we didn't manage to react at all..

On the other hand 2 catches yielded around 130 birds inlcuding 35 big ones :)

Final numbers
95 BHG
2 Common gulls(finally:)
1 HG
2 Caspian
30 YLG

Here are those interesting guys:)

S16K 4w mich ringed as chick in 2010 on Veli Brijun colony

741H 3w mich

742H 1w cach

12EH 1w HG

16EH 3w cach with lots of streaking on head

Very nice number of nice birds:)

Next trip we plan for 29.12.  Hope the weather will be nice:)

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