Monday, 9 December 2013


and it went on pretty good....

We meet at 8 in front of Jakuševec. The tip was already  clean and we just have to put the net :)
At 9 we were ready to take first catch.We didn't wait too long as I wanted to have quick first catch.It was around 50 birds. second was around 11, some 90 and last one around noon some 40 birds..

All together 181 birds; 178 bhg and 3 ylg.
Very good! This way we'll reach 1000 birds in Janury:)
I must say that the team is better and better, altough lots of people give up  in last few days. Logistic around reseting the net is great and new ringers are getting faster.
There were no interesting ID gulls, only this advanced 1w bhg

left bird is in normal stage of moult and right is advanced one
Thanx Mladen for photos!

Hope we'll continue this way..

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