Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Small but nice catch

The weather forecast was perfect. Sunny with -10C.

We came to tip at 8 and waited for guys with bulldozers and compactor to clean the tip and place the rubbish in front our net. It wasn't that cold and there was not a big amount of rubbish so I thought we'll be firing shortly..Not so fast...

We didn't get the best place but it looked ok.

After we put the net we waited for gulls.

First gulls started landing at noon. At that time I was afraid that we won't even fire...Then finally the gulls started coming but it took them really long time to get in the catching area. The problem was that mostly big gulls were in the catching area and I figured that we won't get big numbers...

I fired the first clean shoot and the catch was really nice. 42 birds, but only 5 BHGs, 8 Caspians and 29 YLGs.

As it was 13 allready I decided not to take another catch. This was a great opportunity for people to practice ringing gulls.They're getting faster and better in gul ID. It was fun and  I think that next year we'll be ready for bigger numbers as there'll be much more people ringing.

"Of course it's YLG!"
And few photos of ringed birds in the end:

784H  2w mich 

785H  1w cach

786H  1w mich

791H  1w cach

796H   adult cach with pale eyes

797H  1w cach 

803H  2w mich

802H 2w cach 

804H  2w mich

811H  3w mich

810H 3w mich

816H  1w cach 

826H adult cach

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