Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Shags part 1

As I'm moving to another flat, I neglected both ringing and blog for some time..

Last weekend we were at Mljet looking for Shags.

It was very windy, but was really nice to get on the islands again.

On the Island we found 20 old nests 2 years ago there were at least 4 nests with eggs and at least 4 with chicks :)

It is very nice as last year there was only one last year.
We ringed 5 chicks and rest we'll ring in the beginning of April.

On our way back we were alone on the ferry:)


  1. We'll be in the Dubrovnik area in mid May for a few weeks. I'd be interested in meeting up with some local ringers. I'm trainee ringer in UK.

  2. Hi,

    sorry for late replay!
    I'm really not in that area as it's some 600 km from my home..
    Unfortunately there are no ringers that I'm aware of in that area.. If you need anything else please write to luka.jurinovic at