Friday, 4 November 2011

New gull season

Today I went to Jakuševec to check if there is enough gulls to start catching season..

There were less than 500 gulls so I decided to postpone it for a week or two..

There were around 300 YLGs and 200 BHGs, one GBBG, one LBBG and at least 5 Caspians.

I managed to read 9 Croatian color ringed YLGs, 2 Croatian BHGs. But the star of the day was Caspian with yellow 2LZV. This one should be from Lithuania.

2LZV  is 1sr year gull in the middle (you can't see the ring) 

After few e-mails with Ricardas from Lithuanian ringing scheme  and watching all the photos carefully again we concluded it's 2L7V. 

The bird was ringed in mixed colony of HG and CG in Novaraistis, Kauno r., Lietuva on June 16th this year.

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