Saturday, 12 November 2011

Friday and Saturday at Jakuševec

Yesterday I went to check on Jakuševec if the gulls have arrived and I was pleased to count almost 2000 of them.. More than 1500 of them were BHGs. There were at least 3 LBBG and first canus had arrived.. I managed to read more than 30 different rings on parking just outside of the rubbish tip :) Mostly Croatian michahellis but also 7 of our BHGs and one Hungarian BHG and one  Polish BHG (T91R Tomek :))

After the parking I went to the tip and spoke with guys there and had a deal to come today and try to catch on the tip and that they will help me with compactor and bulldozers.

Today we got on the tip just before 8 and there were already some gulls there. After a talk with a tip supervisor we were waiting for them to clear the place where we can put net.  There were only 3 of us so we decided to use the small (10x10) net. We set it up in some 20 minutes and waited for compactor driver.

Zec furling the net

 He was very precise but wouldn't listen what I wanted him to do:( so after some 20 minutes we managed to take a catch. It was only 19 BHGs and 4 YLG..

Višnja's first BHG

 After ringing we set the net for the second shot but it didn't happen because we have some misunderstanding with the guy on the tip.. So we half satisfied went home and agreed the  next catch for 26th November and plan to have at least 8 people so that we can finally use the new net :)

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  1. Luka,
    T91R was ringed by me in Central Poland!!!
    Tomek Iciek