Tuesday, 31 May 2011

YLG, Common Terns and Little Ringed Plovers

Last Saturday we were ringing YLG pulli on small islets around Mljet National Park. We had used all the colour rings we had, around 160. The weather was fine and so was the sea:) we managed to take a swim 5 times:)

Biggest YLG colony around Mljet
On our way to the colonies of YLGs we stopped to check Common Terns. We found two chicks :)
On our way back home we stopped at Neretva delta to see if there's anything interesting there. As it was Sunday, there were many people around so we didn't see anything special but we found and ringed 3 Little Ringed Plover chicks. You can never get enough of them :)

There were also few Pygmy Cormorants roosting on the beach.
I got new cammera last week so the photos are better than before.. And there'll be more of them in future..

I hope we'll fire new cannons this week..

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