Wednesday, 25 May 2011

New cannons and first recovery of Mallard from Crna Mlaka

New post after a while...

Last week I got new cannons! Yesterday I painted them black and now they look like this

I can't wait to try them next week :)

Last week was also special because I got first recovery of one of almost 100 Mallards which I nasal saddled on Crna Mlaka fish ponds. I would much happier if someone read the nasal saddle  instead of shooting the poor bird..I ringed it as 1st year male in November 2008 and it was found in Sosnovka, Mordovia, Russia on May 4th 2011... some 2200 km from ringing place :)

View Mallard in a larger map

I hope to  cannon net some ducks this summer/autumn and start to use nasal saddles again..

This weekend we're going to Mljet to ring YLG and Common Tern pulli :)