Tuesday 16 February 2010

Swan ringing on Šoderica, Donja Dubrava & Varaždin

After problems with car ( I pour wrong type of gasoline) we managed to get to Šoderica at noon.. The lake was frozen and the swans were hungry:)

We managed to catch 15 swans. One of then had Italian neck collar. It was not well glued so we add some glue. That swan didn't have any metal ring so we put croatian..

On our way back we went to Donja Dubrava & Varaždin were we caught all together 16 more swans..

All in all very nice day with 31 swans ringed and more then 50 different rings read:)


  1. Your swan jackets really work well Luka!! ;-)

  2. It really speeds up the work.. We use to hold swans, so we could process only one or two swans at the time.. Now we catch 10 of them and relaxedly ring them, take samples... And the best part isthat when we are finish with first 10 the swans forgot about us:) and then again:).. All in all great improvement in swan ringing!