Sunday 7 February 2010

Great Sunday on Jakusevec

Yesterday we had a great catch on Jakusevec rubbish dump:)
We ringed 110 BHGs, 6 YLG, 2 Common Gulls and (Croatia's first ever ringed) Herring Gull.

BHG with Hungarian ring that we caught yesterday. Beside it we had one with BRATISLAVA ring( I got recovery data for this one. It was ringed as pull in Piestany on 31/5/2004).

I don't think any comment is necessary here...

This is the first HG ringed in Croatia, and as we don't have any experience with it in hand we'd like to have someone comment on it. According to some people this should be one of the northern birds..
Measurements:  bill: 57,7; bill depth at base: 20,1; bill depth at gonys: 19,6 and tarsus 75,0..

This one is more confusing for me. It's Common Gull, but what ssp?
When I got it in my hands it was much bigger than other Common Gulls I ringed.
Measurments:  bill: 36,0; bill depth at base: 11,6; bill depth at gonys: 10,7 and tarsus 59,3..
henei? Everything fits except tarsus which is too big...

I'd like to thank Tea Gabud for these  photos.

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