Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Very nice Sunday!

With Strahil Peev from Bulgaria with us, I was under pressure to do any kind of catch. I took first clean shot and it end up with 93 birds including nice number of big gulls:)

We reset for another and in 2 hours time gulls landed again with bigger numbers of big gulls:) So second catch was 51 gulls.

In the end, a very nice day with 144 gulls color ringed including 4 Caspians, 1 Common, 1 HG(?),40 YLGs and 99 BHGs.

And here are some of them:

26AH adult Caspian

 58EH adult Caspian

84AH adult Caspian

 87AH adult Caspian

85AH adult YLG

 73EH can this be 1w HG

It seems that we'll go again this weekend :)

Thanx Strahil for non-gulls-in-the-hand photos :)
Strahil with one of his first in-hand YLG

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