Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Last Tern mist netting for the season

Last night we mist netted Terns close to Blato colony. It was full moon but we went because it was last time we could organize before holidays.
In two hours we caught 8 Terns, including one from Last session..

All in all we ringed more than 108Common Terns in this colony. 88 of them were colour ringed. 27 were flying birds and 20 were full adults:) Not bad for the season. Hope there will be more of them found :)

One more thing I forgot in my last post:
In July we also ringed Lesser Kestrels on only Croatian colony. It was really hard day. 7 of us were on the island for 4 hours and managed to ring only 8 birds(including 1 adult female) Most birds were colour ringed, so keep your eyes open for them.
Lesser Kestrels over the colony

I think this is my last post till September, Off to holidays:)

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