Thursday, 22 December 2011

First canus in Poland

Yesterday evening I got really happy when I got an e-mail from Michal Polakowski. At first I was thinking that it was BHG recovery and then I realized it's a Comon Gull :)

Michal Polakowski, Mariusz Rostkowski and Slawomir Michon seen it yesterday at Elk rubbish tip. It was ringed on Jakuševec on December 13th 2009 and was seen again on Jakuševec on December 29th 2009.

It is the most northern recovery of canus ringed in Croatia. Hope there will be more of them as I was very frustrated because in these last more than ten years I'm watching gulls on Jakuševec I didn't found any ringed Common Gull..

Btw I have more than 150 recoveries of BHGs in last two months :)
When I have some more time I'll put some of them on line.

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  1. I am happy we could read your Larus canus so far North. :) All the best, Michal