Sunday, 23 October 2011

Update for IGM

During the IGM we’ll organise a colour ringing workshop. Main subjects could be materials, designs, self-rolling, coding, analysis of cr data etc. Your examples and subsubjects for this matter are very welcome. If you have any ideas please let me know , so that I can organise it better..

As for the slide shows in the evenings, if you have some slides you'd like to present, please give me the themes so I could organise it a bit..

New confirmed talks:

Viola Ross-Smith "Gull migration: calibrating colour ringing data with GPS telemetry"

Aonghais Cook "Analysis of colour-ringing data: Maximising the impact of your efforts"

Risto Juvaste will give talk entitled "Exciting (but yet secret) results from 127 GPS-transmitter LBBG-migration project" instead of "How to estimate migration timing by reads"

Abstracts for talks will be online in few days..

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