Thursday, 19 January 2012


On Wednesday we went to catch some swans on our traditional Drava river tour. It was a bit colder last few days so we thought it will be worth to try. This winter is so mild that you have to make the most of these few cold days.

It was more than 5C so it was very hot :(  First we went to Varaždin and manage to caught 2 swans by hand and after that they were to shy so I used rope for the first time.. It was really easy and fast.
Lorena with her catch ..or other way around :)

After that we went to Prelog where we caught 2 out of 4 swans present. Both were last year birds and two other were old birds with rings...
On Donja Dubrava we cought 2 more with hands and 2 more with rope. This rope is really good :)

Last place we visited was Šoderica near Koprivnica. At first place we stopped we found only two swans which were mating and were not really interested to come near enough to be caught and then come one with Hungarian ring with no fear at all.

Vedran with rope

Zec removing fishing line from the metal ring

After we thought it was over we saw  a flock of maybe 50 swans just few hundred meters from us. There we managed to catch 10 more swans half of them with rope. Thanx Peter for teaching us rope technique :)

All together 18 caught birds. And some 30 rings read, only Croatian and Hungarian.. Much better than it seemed at the beggining.

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