Sunday, 22 January 2012

Great Sunday at Jakuševec

The forcast was correct. It was 5C and rising.. :(

The net was set at 8:43 ans it didn't took the gulls long to come :)
After last week experience and waiting until 13 for first shot I decided to take a catch as soon as it's clear.
It happened after some 20 minutes and it was clear that it's finally first catch over 100 gulls ever :)

It took us some time to free the birds and we were happy to see first canus for this winter. At the end there were 5 1st winter canus :)  All ringed by Vedran :)

Also there were 7 big gulls ; 5 YLGs and 2 misteries again. And 109 BHGs .
One of the adult YLG had very worn aluminium and colour ring so we replace it. I couldn't find it in my excell tables so we'll know tomorrow when Jelena send me ringing data.. It was ringed May26th 2006 on small island Galun near Krk as pullus by me :) Only one recovery before Jakuševec: June 16th 2010 Kolan, Island of Pag, Croatia..

During ringing we had few drops of rain that were not mentioned in the forecast but we managed to survive :)

Recruitment of  new vampires

All in all it was really nice catch for such a worm day..

Here are misteries:
45BH very dark bird, with dark underwing and streaked rump

47BH big cachinnans male?


  1. It is interesting to see how other banding teams work. We never tried a catch at landfills. It could be a good idea.

    Martin Patenaude-Monette

    Assistant de recherche
    Laboratoire de Jean-François Giroux (UQAM)

  2. Thanx for your comment!

    It is definitely good idea to catch at landfills. Birds are not afraid and you don't have to hide the cannons and net :)