Sunday, 15 January 2012

so so...

I had great expectations for this Sunday..
It was pretty inexperienced team so I was afraid of too big catch, but..

The net was set at 800.

After half and hour first gulls came. They were really careful and wouldn't settle. Up and down, up and down... After some time we decided to take a catch and at the moment I wanted to press firing button I saw LBBG approaching the catching area..Let's wait few seconds and then they flew away..All of them :( And they didn't come back for 2 hours.. After that they came few times but wouldn't come into the catching area despite the biggest load of sausages ever..

At noon we were already ready to leave but we decided to give it one more try.

 After some problems with circuit we took catch just to ring some birds.. To my surprise we caught 71 birds:) 4 YLG and 67 BHG (including one with Hungarian CR)

Good thing is that the team is getting bigger and that we still need to explore the possibilities of our big net :)

BTW Zec saw T3J7 again :)

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  1. 71 birds, a GREAT job! The Hungarian and Polish birds were just the bonus. :D