Monday, 9 January 2012

Nice start of 2012

Yesterday we finally went to Jakuševec on Sunday. We got there around 710. The net was set at 830 and first gulls started arriving at 9. We put lot's of salami in the catching area, like we did last year.. It works :)

We got many gulls in the catching area but couldn't take a catch because of few gulls walking on net.. It was really frustrating and we decided we'll take a catch the moment we have window and safety zone clear even if it were much smaler numbers.. Finally we take a catch and it looked as there were more than 50 guuls :)

When we finished it was nice surprise :

17  YLG
74 BHG
1 Caspian
total 92 gulls colour ringed :)

At 13 we tried to take another catch but there were to many safety issues so we called it a day..

We have to work something with jiggler so it starts to do it's job :)

It was the biggest ever number in one catch.
While waiting Zec and I read one croatian YLG and one white BHG ring from Poland..

Highlight of the day was gull with ring 23BH
Two different functional eyes and also white spot on left p10 and not on right :)
species? shpuld be michahellis..

There were three more I'm not sure of species:
15BH this one should be michahellis

20BH michahellis also..

22BH cachinnans


  1. 92 more CR-birds for ringreaders, yummy :D
    The White BHG was not accidentally T3J7? ;)

  2. yes it was T3J7 :)

    This weekend we go again on Jakuševec.. It will be much colder, maybe better catch :)

    keep your eyes open