Monday, 18 March 2013

End of season

Nice day to close the season with 151 gulls ringed.
But it wasn't as smooth as it sounds. When we came there was a lot of activities on the tip.  Compactor , bulldozer, trucks.. I agreed a place where we could put the net. Only problem is that we were firing in the wind. We set the net very quickly! Team is working very well! Everyone knows what to do so we were ready to shoot after less than half an hour. We didn't wait long to take a first catch.
set net

Vedran checking safe zone

 Net didn't spread evenly so it wasn't big catch, around 40 BHGs. While part of the team started ringing, others reset the net. They were really quick, around 15 minutes for reset :)
Second catch was better but still net didn't spread as nice as usual.. around 60 birds; BHGs and 1 YLG. We agreed to wait big gulls for 3rd catch, if possible a LBBG(s). Hour later we had  LBBG  in catching area and I took first clean shoot. We didn't catch it because wind was strong so the net was falling for ages.. around 50 birds; 4 YLGs in it.. All  in all 145 BHG and 5 YLG. Nice number to end the season. I will sum the winter in next days and put numbers in one of next posts. I know now that we ringed around 1080 birds this winter:)
While we were packing the stuff there was one LBBG walking around the car so i decided to catch it with a rope. I didn't succeed, but I did catch one YLG.

Few YLGs

advanced 2nd winter?

3rd winter

In the end I must say the this winter the team enlarged greatly and now we have around 10 people every time. Plus we divided jobs between  us so everything is really fast, everybody knows it's part and I think we are ready for next big season! Next year we can attack 2000 :)

It's over! go home! :)
See you in November

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