Saturday, 29 January 2011

Totovec or Cannon netting part 6

Finally, we got to the new rubbish tip. Totovec is much smaller tip than Jakuševec and we could see around 1000 gulls, mostly BHGs and CGs, with few bigger gulls.

We came at 8 and there were no gulls on the dump. It was our first time to work with compactor driver  and were very excited about it.

First catch was small, 25 gulls. Nice thing was that there were 6 CGs between them :) It's the highest concentration of CGs in a catch ever. The catch was small because we had misunderstanding with compacter driver and he put garbage a bit from the catching area.. After the catch we told him that and he put lots of fresh garbage and in 10 or 15 minutes gulls landed again. At one time there were more than 100 gulls in the catching area and I was sure that it's gonna be a biggest catch:) but when I pushed the fire button nothing happened :( I've tried with circuit tester and realised the circuit was broken... To make long story short after some time I managed to fire but only 11 new birds: 9 BHGs and 2 CGs..

All in all nice to have opportunity to catch on another rubbish tip and will be back here again. Hopefully with functional wires..
I would like to thank Paul Roper from North Thames Gull Group for many answers which helped us improve lots of stuff about our netting.

Tommorrow Jakuševec..

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