Sunday, 16 January 2011

Swans, BHGs abroad and cannon netting part 4

I haven't been writing a while so have much to compensate...

Last week I finally went to ring swans. The winter is good( cold) because finally I had few recoveries from Poland.. We went to Varazdin, Donja Dubrava and Šoderica(Koprivnica). All in all we caught 41 swan and read 44 more :)

Finally our BHGs went to Italy:) Last week I got first few recoveries from Adriano Talamelli for this winter and he also send me very first recovery of Caspian Gull ringed in Croatia :) Remember this guy?

It was ringed on December 19th 2010 on Jakuševec and found on January 10th 2011 on Dump of Tavullia,Pesaro, Italy.

After 3 weeks of abstinence we finally went to Jakusevec to ring some gulls. Day was everything but perfect :( 
First I forgot fire box and had to go to work to take it and lost some 45 minutes. Then we started setting the net but couldn't dig the cannons right because the soil was very hard. After we set the net I found out that the circuit tester was out of batteries so there was a chance that the circuit was not connected and we can find it out only at fire attempt.. After we set the net, we set in the car and waited and hold our fingers crossed that it will fire once I press the button.. Than some hour or so later gulls started to land. After 10 minutes fuscus landed in the catching area.. Everybody was very excited and when we agreed that it's ok to fire and that fucus is in the reach of the net  I press the fire button. but fuscus flew away freely :(
First catch was 30 BHGs.. After we ringed first catch we waited for another one.. Second catch was 28 BHGs, 7 YLG and 1 Caspian..

Caspian 2w

YLG same age same day

 The lection we learned is that gulls are much eager to get food when it's colder.. We knew that but I couldn't watch the winter passing by :(  
 After all 66 new ringed gulls and few of our BHGs read..

This is what we found on desk in small house on the dump.. Crucifix and porn: strange combination :)

Hope that the temperature will fall until next weekend.. 


  1. Hi Luka,
    swan AC 3870 was ringed by me in central Poland (summer 2006).
    Nice :-)
    Tomek Iciek

  2. I just saw this comment :)

    nice :)