Friday, 4 October 2013

Poreč gull catching

I won't spent many words for this event in order to forget it asap:)

We were in Poreč for 3 days. First day we fired shortly after setting the net because I wanted to reset fast..
We caught 19 YLG.

And that was it.. On Wednesday and Thursday no gull landed in  catching area!!!WTF!!

I hope that rest of the season will be better:) As the temperatures are decreasing I hope we'll start new season on Jakuševec in the end of October.

One interesting bird. My first impression is Caspian because of the jizz , but wing and tail look more mich..Comments?

Thanx Mladen for photos!


  1. Hi Luka,
    Probably michahellis, with such proximal white on the rectrices.

  2. We came to same conclusion, only the first impression was cach.. There are few photografers comming to the tip this winter so I think there'll be nice tricky birds this winter :) We'll start catching in Zagreb in November so stay tuned:)