Friday, 8 July 2011

Too old Yelkouan's

Last few days Ivana (aka Višnja), Vedran, Ivan and I spent on Lastovo looking to ring Yelkouan's and Scopoli's Shearwaters. The plan was to get to the biggest colony at first night and then in day time look on smaller colonies to see if there are enough youngsters to go and ring in the night when adults come to feed them.
Ivan in action

Unfortunately, most of the Yelkouan's already fledged  and only few youngsters and adults were present at the colony :(
First night we managed to ring 19 Yelkouan's and 3 Scopoli's. We caught 1 Yelkouan and 1 Scopoly with our rings from last years(I'll put ringing data here when I get them ;)).
 Most of the Yelkouans were young but some were very difficult to age..
young punk Yelkouan

Ivana and Yelkouan
Now little batch of "Vedran and .. "  photos:

On last photo is holding a rat in a trap. It's part of active control of rat population on island with tubenoses colonies on it. Ivan started doing that this year in coordination with Lastovo Nature Park. This year there were much more Yelkouan chicks than last years because of it. Unfortunately we missed timing... It will be much more next year!

Next day Ivana and Ivan went to check other colonies.. All the youngsters were already left so we didn't even wisited it at night..

And in the end just wanted to put a photo of a camp we slept in.

It's camp Skriveni near Skrivena Luka. Prices are very cheap and it's really nice! People are very friendly. We came at half past 4 from the colony first night and it was ok :) Also you can get dinner for 60kn (around 8Euros) with huge portion of fresh fish and home made wine. Very delicious! I was there for the first time and would like  recommend it!

One more photo for the end :

Ivana's new hair decoration made of  cicada exuviae :)

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