Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Common Tern ringing on Drava River

Today Zec, Sven and I meet with Goran Safarek to go and ring some Common Terns. Forecast was terribly wrong!! It should be dry in the morning and possible rain in the afternoon.. We came at 8:30 and it was raining..
We put the boat on the car and went to see if we'll be able to go to the colony...

When we came to the place it was raining a bit so we decided to go to the colony. After rowing across the river we got to the islet with the colony. It was great! There were some 50 pairs of Common Terns, 10 pairs of Little Ringed Plovers, few Little Terns and Common Sandpiper. We started to look for the chicks and after some 15 minutes it started to rain harder so we decided to move from the colony :( we managed to ring 13 chicks.. We also found at least 20 nests with eggs so we'll probably get back in 10 days or so..
After we got back to the place we parked the car and took the boat from the river the sun started to shine :(

After returning the boat we went to have a drink and there was one Wood Pigeon all the time.. When we went to pay I was speaking with the waiter and he told me that it's nest is under the roof...So we ringed it:) New species ringed for me :)


  1. You didn't mention how we attached boat on the car, especially on our way back ;)

  2. The thing with boat attachment.. We didn't use any rope.. we just put it on the roof :) So on our way there I was driving carefully and there was no problem.. On our way back we didn't turn the boat in the direction of the car, so the front end of the boat was in the back part of the car so it was a bit more unstable.. At one moment on our way back the boat started slipping to the left so I stopped and we put it again in the middle and everyone was holding one rope from the boat and we slowed down a bit :)