Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Swan ringing : Varazdin and Donja Dubrava

Today we had very nice catch of swans : more than 30 new neck collared birds:)

Swan jackets makes your life much easier if you want to ring more swans:) Thanx Kane!

Here are some of the recoveries we had today:

 this last one you can also see here it's very old Hungarian ring(more than 10 years). Metal ring was blank. We caught it and replaced metal ring with Croatian one. Originally this ring was yellow(?).

This must be THE biggest Mute Swan I ever ringed:)
Just got data from Eddie Fritze who "read" the blank ring from this huge swan. It's Croatian ring and the bird was ringed  by Andrija Lesinger in a few km radius on 22/12/1998. I think it's the oldest Swan wearing croatian ring:) Now he has new ring and collar and can produce many more recoveries:)

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